This is a container for INSDSG 619 Student Moodle Courses for Fall 2013

  • This course will examine the principles of marketing analytics from a strategic marketing perspective.Marketing analytics is the application of computer-based models and metrics to improve marketing decisions.Learners will demonstrate techniques to determine market share and size, create market segments, identify target markets, define market positioning, conduct competitive analysis, and complete strategic planning.
  • This course informs participants about the purpose, key objectives and performance expectations of two key tasks that are part of every manager’s standard work (Huddle meetings and Gemba walks).

  • This course will teach firefighters the basics of gas distribution systems so they can effectively recognize and respond to certain types of natural gas incidents.

  • This course will deliver needed HIPAA Policy to dental professionals, demonstrate HIPAA privacy rules as they apply to dentistry, and deliver strategy to implement, adhere to and enforce HIPAA guidelines in dental practice.
  • This course will introduce the use of the customer data screens in the SAP CIC module.  CIC(Customer Interaction Center) is a module created by SAP that delivers a set of methodologies and tools to help manage a company’s customer relationship in an organized way.  The CIC Customer Data screen is the interface hub for searching, viewing and managing customer information.  Employees will learn how to perform their everyday tasks within the CIC screens.

  • This goal of this course is to introduce newly assigned instructional designers to the field of adult learning with the intent of helping make connections between the theories associated with adult learning and instructional design practices.
  • This course provides a review of basic English grammar, including nouns, verbs, modifiers (adjectives and adverbs), connecting words (prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections), and sentence structure (phrases, clauses, and sentences).

  • This course seeks to analyze the trait of introversion.  We will explore: what introversion is, how it is different from other personality traits, theories as to why the trait develops, typical introvert behaviors, how introverts experience different social experiences and the significance that this trait plays in the lives of those who possess it.  This course also aims to further the development of empathy for those whose traits differ from our own.