• This course will help familiarize you with the requirements and expectations of college level courses, and with campus resources available to help you succeed.
  • This course will provide an overview of the Auburn, Massachusetts fire department structure, functions, and abilities in order to provide citizens with a greater understanding of how their fire department serves them.  In addition, it will provide the participant with practical knowledge that will assist them in fire and medical emergencies. 
  • The goal of this course is to explore the dynamics of organizational development and to discover change interventions and strategies. Students will have the opportunity to practice and apply the skills to create an environment in which the workplace can flourish in order to achieve organizational goals. An experiential approach will be used, which will consist of case studies, discussions, small group exercises, research projects and the development of a comprehensive OD plan.

  • This course guides young adults who would like to become Hebrew teachers in their community through the process of transforming a set of predefined learning objectives into a meaningful two hour learning experience for their intended audience.

    Learners who have no prior teaching experience will learn how to:

    • Foster a safe learning environment in their classroom
    • Develop and deliver meaningful and relevant learning activities to allow their learners to absorb, practice, and gauge their newfound knowledge of the basics of the Hebrew language. 

  • Land Navigation

    This course will introduce the skills needed for Orienteering. Orienteering, or Land Navigation, is a skill-set that involves moving from one point to another (usually in unfamiliar territory) using navigation skills, a map and compass.

    This course focuses on the skills needed to be successful at Orienteering as well as enjoy your time outdoors.

  • The course will explore the biblical The Book of Ruthfrom a literary and thematic perspective. It will focus on building and
    developing a variety of literacy skills including literal and
    inferential comprehension, syntax study, and character analysis. Themes
    discussed will include identity formation and transition.

  • This course will examine techniques and tools for modeling, analyzing and improving business processes.

  • This course will cover
    basic survival Arabic and courtesy Arabic, familiarization with simple cultural
    traditions. Arabic Express I will cover the Arabic alphabet, phonology,
    numbers, and language basics through speaking, reading and listening.

  • This course will examine the elements of a successful healthcare simulation debriefing, provide techniques to improve healthcare simulation debriefing for each of these debriefing elements, and assess participants' debriefing technique improvement over time.